Professionally, I am pulled in the direction of making others happy, feel beautiful, and find their way. This means being a “Boss” Cosmetologist every day I live. I do this by being skilled in all technical aspects of hair, makeup, lashes, and skin. Learning how to treat all skin and hair textures so I can accommodate everyone that enters my salon. I will listen carefully to my client's concerns, always look, and act professional, and accomplish their every need. I am committed to furthering my education knowing the industry continually changes, so I can stay on top of new trends to offer new product systems to my clients.


        My favorite motto is “Life isn’t about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself”. My vision is more than an establishment, it is to bring together the culture

and diversity as a whole. It is to bring together the broken pieces of the beauty industry and to make my foundation and or establishment a family. Here at Lavish & Established, we don’t follow trends, we create them. Nowadays society is all about the norm, but my business is far from normal. Knowing that it is different aspects of hair and beauty, we challenge our clients to express their inner beauty by leaving behind all judgment and/or criticism of what the world has told them is beautiful. Because after all beauty is merely your own definition.

If Lavish & Established were an instrument it would be a piano, bringing together people from different backgrounds, ethnicities, and culture from all aspects of life, to create one beautiful sound that uses the beauty industry to create a powerful voice. Using “you” the client of a new wave and generation of hair and beauty.